Asheville Food Writer Stu Helm Visits The Lobster Trap

Here is what he had to say:

Sometimes, my life really doesn’t suck. 1) The Lobster Trap on Patton Ave right downtown. 2) Me and my new haircut are ready for lobsters and stuff. 3) A variety of oysters and clams and crab legs and lobster. Holy fuck. That’s good fruits d’mare. 4) I’m from New England. This picture is like childhood to me. So many good food memories involving a nutcracker and a giant red claw. 5) Baked oysters. So good. Done old school and done right. 6) This lobster roll would make my mom very happy. She’s fussy about lobster rolls. Brioche by Fred at Geraldine’s Bakery! 7) Chef Mike McCarty has been at The Trap for almost ten years! He was very generous with his time tonight, and answered a million questions while sitting with me. 8) My server Robert was great! 9) Sous Chef Rakim rubbed a lobster on the back until it was in a trance and then 10) stood it on its head! Hell. Yes. I had a great time at The Lobster Trap tonight. Thanks, All! I’ll be back, with my mom, and Dawn! I wanna try your lobster carbonara. Yum!