Employee of the Month for April

We are very excited to congratulate Shauna Wright for being recognized as Employee of the Month for April, 2015! The staff have chosen Shauna because of her ability to understand what the team needs and to fill that role while maintaining her natural positive energy. Shauna has also demonstrated exceptional customer service. Here is more from Shauna:

What do I like about my job?

Almost everything! I love meeting new people, especially ones who love delicious food like I do. I know that everyone says they love the people they work with and all but I truly do. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them and I can say the reverse is also true. We are a family and its amazing!! Also, it’s pretty great to have a job that allows me to work while I’m in school without any conflict.

Fave menu item?

Steam bowl of clams. I actually might be slightly addicted.

What do I do in my free time?

My family comes first always and most of my friends are like my family. I love being outside hiking, swimming, playing volleyball, etc. I also love children so anytime I get a chance I’m hanging out with my little siblings or playing with my friends kids. Just enjoying life.